The Academic Review, the BYA Student, and The White and Blue

In October 1884 the Polysophical Society of the Brigham Young Academy began to publish the Academic Review.  This literary journal contained information about the Academy, reports on events (including campus lectures), and advertisements.  It also included the literary efforts of several students.  It lasted through May 1885.  In 1891 a new student paper was begun and titled the BYA Student.  This periodical featured content similar to its predecessor and lasted for about five months.  Six years later in 1897 students decided to give it another go and established The White and Blue.  Oirginally published every other month the paper eventually gained enough traction that it was decided to publish it twice a month.  The White and Blue ran through 1921 when it was supplanted by the Y News.  The White and Blue featured more original student writing and reporting than its predecessors.  It included essays on the character of Brigham Young University, information from the various school classes, literary essays, poetry, information on sporting events, and other interesting details of student life.

Each of these student newspapers/literary journals opens a window into life at Brigham Young Academy/Brigham Young University during the time period 1884-1921.  The University Archives is fortunate to have a complete bound run of The White and Blue available as part of our print collections.  We are also fortunate to have complete runs of the Academic Review and the BYA Student. Both of these periodicals are part of UA 1108 (Brigham Young Academy Student Publications, 1884-1896).  UA 1108 also contains copies of other student publications including The Normal, The Journal of Pedagogy, and The Business Journal. These are invaluable resources for gaining an understanding of student life during the early years of Brigham Young University’s existence.

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