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Victorian and Early Science Fiction

Early science fiction novels make up an important part of the literary collections in L. Tom Perry Special Collections.  The Victorian and Rare Book Collections contain first and early editions of science fiction classics like Edwin Abbott’s Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Mars Books, and the works of H.G. Wells — including a first edition copy of The War of the Worlds and a copy of The Time Machine signed by the author.

These books, as well as novels by lesser-known authors, can be found by searching the library catalog and limiting your search by library to “HBLL Special Collections.” Or, simply visit Special Collections, and we can help you access a particular title.

The library catalog allows searching by genre if you do not have a particular title or author in mind. Science fiction and fantasy are subdivided by the nationality of the author. To find science fiction or fantasy fiction, enter one of the following terms and choose “genre/form”:

  • Science fiction
  • Science fiction, American [French, etc.]
  • Fantasy fiction
  • Fantasy fiction, American [French, etc.]
  • Fanzines

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