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Course catalogs and class schedules

One of the more frequent reference requests fielded by the University Archivist involves the need to gather information about classes that individuals had taken as students at Brigham Young University.  Sometimes the requests are for individuals writing their family histories and they want to be able to accurately describe the coursework that they did as university students.  At other times the need is more pressing as the individuals are applying for jobs or to be licensed in a new state and are being required to produce evidence that they are competent in the subject matter at hand and they need to demonstrate what was taught in a course that they took five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty years ago.  Individuals looking for information about courses have three main collections in the University Archives that they can turn to.  These include:

  • UA 1077 Brigham Young University Class Schedules, 1929-2006.  This collection contains class schedules for the Brigham Young University, the Salt Lake Center and Evening classes.  The university uses the class schedule on a semester by semester basis to give information on the time, location, teacher, and credit given for each class offered. The class schedule also has an academic calendar for the semester, general education requirements, and university policies.  The hard copy versions of the class schedules run through 2006 when the university made the decision to go electronic with the class schedule.  The University Archives has not been able to adequately capture the class schedules since then.  To view the finding aid for this collection click here.
  • 378 B76 Brigham Young University Undergraduate Catalog, 1901-2008.  The course catalog describes the different programs and their course requirements available at Brigham Young University and the degrees offered by each program.  It also contains brief descriptions of what each course is and the material to be covered in those courses.  The course catalog is available in print in the University Archives and, beginning in 1997, is also available online at http://saas.byu.edu/catalog/.
  • LD 571 .B67 G7 Brigham Young University Graduate Catalog, 1951-2008.  The graduate catalog contains information about the various graduate programs offered at Brigham Young University as well as information on the requirements for each graduate degree and brief descriptions of the graduate level courses.  The graduate catalog is available in print in the University Archives and, beginning in 1997, is also available online at http://saas.byu.edu/catalog/.

If you would like more information about researching information on coursework taken at Brigham Young University, please contact the University Archivist at (801) 422-5821 or gordon_daines@byu.edu .

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