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The Songs of BYU

Attend any major sporting event at Brigham Young University and you will hear a rousing rendition of the Cougar Fight Song by the BYU student body. The familiar strains of the Cougar Fight Song were written by Clyde D. Sandgren and became the school fight and pep song in 1947. It replaced the previous pep song Alma Pater which had been written in 1931 by Glenn Potter and set to music by Walt Daniels. The first school song (The College Song) was written by Annie Pike Greenwood and debuted in the White and Blue on May 15, 1899. It was set to music by J. J. McClellan. In 1903 the initials BYA in the College Song were changed to BYU when Brigham Young Academy became Brigham Young University. The University Archives is home to a wealth of information on these important songs and others. The role that they have played at Brigham Young University is well documented. Collections to look at include:

  • UA SC 36 Old BYU traditions and accompanying songs. This collection contains: Item 1. The history of the “Y” Bell and the “Old Y Bell” song. — Item 2. The College Song and revision. — Item 3. The history of the block Y and “The trail of the Y” song. — Item 4. The Athletic Carnival and the Timpanogos song.
  • UA 330 Yells and songs of Brigham Young University, 1900-1960. This collection includes articles about BYU songs and traditions. Also includes the original BYU yells and songs, and musical scores relating to BYU.
  • AC 901 .A1 no.688 “Brigham Young University” march by Robert Sauer
  • BX 8608 .A1a no.1963 Alma Pater : Brigham Young University pep song
  • AC901 .A1a no.4263a 1947 The Cougar song of Brigham Young University by Clyde D. Sandgren
  • AC 901 .A1a no.457 1958 Music of the “Y”. Produced by the Associated students of Brigham Young University, February, 1958
  • AC 901 .A1a no.3905 1965 The old “Y” Bell of Brigham Young University by Clyde D. Sandgren
  • M 1948 .B74 C46 1975 1975 Centennial songs : Brigham Young University Centennial 1875-1975 : Centennial convocation, Marriott Center, October 10, 1975
  • BX 8608 .A1 no.4072 1913 Y college yells

If you would like more information on these songs and their impact on school spirit, contact the University Archivist at (801) 422-5821 or gordon_daines@byu.edu .

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