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New acquisitions to the Wordsworth Collection

Two notable recent additions to the Rowe Collection of William Wordsworth:


William Green, A description of a series of 60 small prints (1814).

This book contains etchings of the Lake District by an artist from Ambleside.  Green originally intended to include a tourist guide as well, but the cost of printing the illustrations alone prohibited including anything more than brief descriptions of each plate.  The book was published the year after the Wordsworth family moved to Rydal Mount.

Joanna Baillie, ed. A collection of poems, chiefly manuscript, and from living authors (1823).

Baillie collected over 80 original poems from contemporary authors, including two sonnets by Wordsworth, “Not love, nor war, nor the tumultuous swell” and “A volant tribe of bards on earth are found.” Wordsworth altered these sonnets before republishing them in later collections of his poetry.

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