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Family on the Fourth of July

Fireworks, parades, and programs honoring the Declaration of Independence and the founders of our nation are common throughout the nation.  However, many Fourth of July traditions involve being together with family. 

One Provo resident loved to go to Pioneer Park and listen to musicians playing from the bandstand.  She developed a dream of having a gazebo in her own yard. She envisioned a “gazebo, decorated with red, white, and blue buntings and flags . . . specifically for a Fourth of July music performance” (FA14  Her family would sit in the gazebo and play music while she sat in the audience and cried–patriotic tears.  In 1990 her dream became a reality and a new family tradition was born.

Another family holds a family reunion every day around the Fourth of July. Part of the reunion involves a gift exchange.  “The reason for the gift exchange is similar to gift giving for Christmas. [They] try to keep the Christmas independence-day1spirit alive the whole year through and although gift giving is not [particularly] representative of the Christmas spirit in itself, it reminds us that we should be always giving of ourself.  Also, the gift needs to be hand made which makes it more personal” (FA14

However you choose to celebrate this Fourth of July, have a wonderful time.

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