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New digital collection in French history

One of Special Collection’s best resources in early modern history is our French Political Pamphlets collection.  It consists of over 2,100 short works printed in France between 1550 and 1650.  These pamphlets describe and react to the social, political, religious and economic issues and events of the period, including France’s Wars of Religion, the Edict of Nantes, and the Thirty Years War.  Some of these pamphlets are unique resources not held by any other library in the world.

A multi-year project to digitize the pamphlets is now underway.  Over 500 pamphlets were digitized during year one of the project and are now available online at http://www.lib.byu.edu/dlib/fpp/.  This site includes a fuller description and commentary on the French Political Pamphlets collection and a bibliography of the collection along with browsable images.

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