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New critical works on Walt Whitman

The following scholarly monographs have recently been purchased for the Whitman Collection.   They are the newest additions to the hundreds of unique holdings by and about Whitman here at BYU Special Collections.

life immense

  • Ronald Knapp, Of life immense: the prophetic vision of Walt Whitman.  Outskirts Press, 2008. A study of Whitman’s belief in universal religion.
  • J. R. LeMaster, Walt Whitman and the Persian poets: a study in literature and religion.  Ibex, 2009. An examination of the influence of Persian mystic poetry on Whitman, including a critical comparison of Whitman with poets Rumi and Hafez.


  • Robert Roper, Now the drum of war: Walt Whitman and his brothers in the Civil War. Walker, 2008. Drawn from family letters and Whitman’s poems, this book chronicles the Whitman family’s experience during the Civil War.
  • Kanwar Singh, ed.,  The poetry of Walt Whitman: New Critical Perspectives.  Atlantic, 2009. A collection of critical and interpretive essays on Whitman by global scholars.

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