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New reference sources for research in Victorian Literature

Besides original works form the Victorian era, Special Collections acquires select editions of new references sources for our Victorian and Edwardian Literary Collections. Here are the most recent arrivals, covering the life and works of some major Victorian novelists.

  • The Letters of William Ernest Henley to Robert Louis Stevenson, edited by Damian Atkinson (Rivendale, 2008).  W.E. Henley was the influential editor of the Scots Observer, which published works by such writers as Rudyard Kipling, J.M. Barrie, H.G. Wells, and Alice Meynell.  Henley was a friend of Robert Louis Stevenson, and the two collaborated unsuccessfully on several plays.  This book publishes Henley’s correspondence with Stevenson, chronicling their personal and professional relationship.
  • The Trollope Collector: a Record of Writings by and Books about Anthony Trollope, by Lance Tingay (Silverbridge, 1985).  Special Collections has an extensive collection of editions by novelist Anthony Trollope.  This bibliography covers his literary output and secondary sources about his life and works.
  • An Annotated International Bibliography of Lewis Carroll’s Sylvie and Bruno Books, edited by Byron Sewell and Clare Imholtz (Oak Knoll, 2008).  This comprehensive descriptive bibliography of Carroll’s challenging Sylvie and Bruno and Sylvie and Bruno Concluded lists all known editions of the books, as well as foreign-language translations, parodies, and criticism.  Special Collections owns three presentation copies of Sylvie and Bruno and two presentation copies of Sylvie and Bruno Concluded!

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