O Tannenbaum

IMG_3052Christmas trees are common decorations in homes during the holiday season.  While having a Christmas tree is in itself a custom, there are many customs that accompany Christmas trees.  The debate over real or artifical is often heard.  Those who favor real often believe that it isn’t Christmas unless there are needles to pick up.  Some people are such purists that they trek to the woods and cut down a tree and carry it home.

Many of the traditions are associated with the ornaments that adorn the tree.  One family decorates with only wooden ornaments.  Another buys an ornament every Christmas Eve while others buy a new ornament every year.  Some decorate very formally, whereas othersIMG_3069 have trees that represent family events through the years.

One of my favorite customs that I have read is about when it is time to take the tree down.  A family always leaves one ornament on the tree when they throw it out.  The ornament is a gift fo Christmas.  And it is necessary.  If the ornament isn’t left, then Christmas won’t return. 

These items and others can be found at http://lib.byu.edu/sites/muw/files/2008/07/customs.pdf

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