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Is This Green Beans or Spinach?

SSPX0280Why would anyone voluntarily taste baby food?  Not even babies seem that fond of it.  But one 1990s baby shower game involved taste testing baby food to see if it was possible to determine what it is.  In the 1990s  games were popular at baby showers, and this was one that was enjoyed. 

One game had several variants.  A tray with many baby items was shown to the shower guests.  At that point several different things could happen.  The tray might be covered and then questions would be asked.  Some of them would deal with the tray, and others would focus on the mother-to-be and how well the guests knew her. 

Other times the tray would be covered and the guests would write down as many items as they could remember within a time limit set by the hostess.  Or perhaps the guests would be asked to cover their eyes.  The hostess would take away an item and the guests would guess what item it was.

Many games required a pencil.  Cryptograms were popular.  Or maybe the guest would be asked to come up with names beginning with the first letter of the baby’s parent’s name.  Perhaps the guests would be asked to write the word “baby”  horizontally on a piece of paper.  Then they wrote advice beginning with each letter.

Baby bingo was also a popular game.  And for those who were a little more demure tying a quilt was more productive and less embarrassing.  Do you remember any games you played at showers 20 years ago?  Or what games are you playing now?  Please share them with us.  (Items from FA1 878 and 1323.)

(Photograph of baby shower cake  and cake by Sarah Garrett Barker and Terri Garrett.)

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