It is true that tense situations are hotbeds for folklore.  There is nothing like starting a new school year to expose insecurities.  One way that these tensions are dealt with is through jokes.  BYU students are no exception.  Here are few lighthearted observances from BYU over the years.  All are part of the Folktale/Joke collection in the Wilson Folklore Archives.

BYU is known for their beautiful manicured lawns.  There are signs encouraging students to stay off the grass.  The rumour goes that if you walk on the grass, you could get fined or even kicked out of school for a semester. FA 9

Students are trying to get back into the routine of listening to lectures on a daily basis.  The definition of a lecture is the process of transmitting the lecturer’s notes to the student’s notes without going through the mind of either.  FA9  At BYU learning of a higher sort is going on.

There are always some groups whose ability to do things is suspect.  Groups like blondes, BYU coeds, BYU men, professors and football players all take their turn as the brunt of jokes.  As you go to the first football game of the season, you might think about this:  How many football players does it take to screw in a light bulb?  One, but he gets three credits for it.  FA9

Finally, a good natured poke at the truly excellent library.  Did you hear that BYU’s library burned down?  All two books.  It’s okay.  Only one of them was colored in.  FA9

These jokes are also told about other universities and groups of people.  It seems that back-to-school anxiety is not unique to BYU.

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