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A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens is well known for A Christmas Carol.  He also wrote other Christmas books for his family.  For at least nine years he participated with a variety of other Victorian authors, probably most famously Wilkie Collins, on a series of  tales for Christmas.  Like a Christmas journal, the issues contained more than one story.  However, these tales did not take Christmas as their subject.  They covered a variety of topics and were sold as tales to be read and enjoyed when the family was gathered at Christmas.

Some credit Dickens with modern Christmas.  With more people moving to cities, there was not the time that rural people once had for a series of Christmas activities on a variety of days.  Novels such as A Christmas Carol painted a beautiful picture of Victorian Christmases which came to be accepted.  Elements of Victorian Christmases such as families gathering together playing games, feasts, and festive decorating continue today.  Many find reading or viewing A Christmas Carol part of their yuletide celebration.

Charles Dickens is one of the authors in the Literary Worlds exhibition currently on display.

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