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See Philip II on the big screen this Friday!

BYU’s Motion Picture Archive Film Series is screening the 1940 Errol Flynn movie “The Sea Hawk” this Friday.  The film is set during England’s naval wars with Spain in the 16th century and stars Flynn as an English sea captain.

Special Collections owns primary documentary evidence of these wars from the Spanish point of view, a collection of letters dated 1591-1597 from King Philip II of Spain to the governor of Spain’s northern coast. These letters document Spain’s naval offensive and related intelligence regarding England, Scotland, and Ireland; shipping and smuggling; and ship-building.  The entire collection has been digitized and placed on the library’s Digital Collections site, accompanied by full transcriptions and English summaries.

So after checking out these letters, come see King Philip II of Spain make an on-screen appearance in “The Sea Hawk”!

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