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Ice Cream and Elevators

Brigham Young University’s Center for Animation recently won another student Emmy for their animated short film “DreamGiver.” That brings the total number of student Emmys won by Center for Animation since 2003 to 11–an impressive feat. Many students may not realize that Brigham Young University has a long history of students producing quality films. The first student film, a twenty-eight minute look at the social life of students on campus in the 1960s, was produced in 1971. It debuted to a crowd of 6,000 students. Entitled “Ice Cream and Elevators” it was written by Janet Maughan and Ron Davis. The producer was Robert Starling and the director was Dean Stubbs. It was adapted as a screenplay by J. Ronald Clark.

In 1992 a formal film festival for student films was organized on campus, and Final Cut showings continue to draw crowds today. If you have questions about the history of student films at Brigham Young University, contact the University Archivist at (801) 422-5821 or gordon_daines@byu.edu.

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