With the coming of summer, engagements and weddings abound. Naturally at BYU there are customs to mark the excitement of an engagement. The groom-to-be is automatically out several dollars as he treats his beloved’s roommates to a steak dinner. (FA14 The bride-to-be escapes with a lighter hit in the wallet. She needs to only provide her roommates with banana splits. (FA14

At BYU the Greek custom of engagements that last a minimum of two years is seldom practiced. (FA14 The proposal that begins the engagement is always exciting. And it might involve food. Whether it is a ring in a Cracker Jack box or a ring tastefully presented by the waiter with the dessert following a romantic meal, the excitment is still the same. (FA14 and FA14

Wedding showers are popular. A lucky groom may get a kiss for each bow he removes from his fiancees hair. (FA14 An unlucky one may be thrown into Botany Pond by his roommates. But whatever happens it is a time of festivity and promise.

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