Halloween is a great time for children. While of course the actual trick-or-treating is the highlight, there are many other activities that children enjoy. One family uses their Family Home Evening the Monday before Halloween to carve pumpkins. Another uses Family Home Evening as a time for each member of the family to tell a scary story. The one caveat is that the story must have a happy ending.

The family in the photograph have a party with cousins before Halloween and one of the traditional activities is decorating pumpkin cookies.  Other food activities include serving a mixed up dinner prior to trick-or-treating where another family serves split pea soup.

In earlier years one favorite activity was tipping over an outhouse. This was particularly fun if someone happened to be in the outhouse at the time. A popular trick at the time was to dismantle a wagon and reassemble it in a tree. Sounds like lots of work.

These and other Halloween activities are found in the Customs collection in the Wilson Folklore Archives. They are located in the section number 8.10.2.

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