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Fine Press Editions of the King James Bible

As a monument of English culture, religion, and literature, the Bible has been a source of inspiration for book artists, typographers, illustrators, and book designers. Because of its size and the varied types of material in the Bible, it also presents artistic and technical challenges in printing and illustrating.

Along with early editions of the King James Bible, Special Collections acquires important editions of the Bible by fine presses.  The History of Printing and Fine Press collections contain the quarto and folio editions of the King James Version by printer and typographer John Baskerville in the 1760’s, and an array of fine printed King James Bibles from the 20th century. These include the Doves Press Bible (Vault Collection Quarto 220.53 B47 1903); the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible (Vault Collection Quarto 094.2 P386 1999 no.1); and the Oxford Lectern Bible (Vault Collection Folio 220.53 B47 1935).

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