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Centennial Sculptures

Brigham Young University celebrated its centennial in 1975 and as part of the celebrations two modernistic sculptures were donated to the university. These sculptures were the “Tree of Wisdom” by Frank Nackos and the “Windows of Heaven” by Frank Riggs.

Tree of Life sculpture (Courtesy BYU Photo)

The “Tree of Wisdom” was originally placed north of the Harold B. Lee Library and was later moved south of the Kimball Tower. It was recently torn down but will be replaced in the spring of 2012.

Frank Nackos wanted people to get at least two meanings out of the “Tree of Wisdom” sculpture–one being roots sinking into spiritual ground and the other being branches rising up and pointing heavenward. The sculpture was designed to allow visitors to create their own meaning from it by getting up close and personal with it.

Windows of Heaven Sculpture (Courtesy BYU Photo)

The “Windows of Heaven” was erected east of the Widtsoe Building and was meant to replicate a gothic tower. The sculpture is meant to invoke the majesty of the heavens.

If you have any questions about these sculptures or the centennial celebrations, please contact the University Archivist at (801) 422-5821 or gordon_daines@byu.edu

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