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Christmas Customs

Christmas is a magical time and Christmas customs are part of the magic. Every family has traditions that guide their observance of the season. One of the times that has customs that make it special is Christmas Eve. Our Customs Index outlines fun things that families do on that day.

Many eat special foods on Christmas Eve. In section different families describe their culinary traditions. Some families serve food that requires very little preparation or relies on other people’s efforts. These can range from candlelit fast food to Chinese to finger foods. Other  families opt for the ever popular pizza. ( and

Opening presents is another favorite activity. While most focus on family gifts, some families have a traditional first gift of Christmas–pajamas. (

Probably the most common activity is the reading of the nativity story. While some families just read the well-loved text, others act it out using people or a nativity set. (

If you are looking for new ideas for your Christmas celebration the Customs Index is a valuable resource.

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