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Faith in a Foxhole

The following is an experience that Mont W. Warner had in 1944.

“One cold winter day somewhere in southwestern Germany we were engaged in a hot artillery dual with German 88s. During a brief lull in our part of the battle, to escape the incoming rounds, I jumped into a foxhole and landed on another man. He was lying down reading a book. I could hardly believe it and asked him what kind of book merited reading at a time like this. He said that he girlfriend in Maryland had sent it to him with instructions to read it as soon as possible. He then said ‘I’m trying to get it read before they kill me.’ He showed the book to me and it was The Book of Mormon. At that time I knew the angels were round about us and I felt the still small voice. I told him about myself and explained the book to him and from that day on I taught him the gospel.

All the enemy fire missed us and by the end of the war he was ready for baptism. I contacted an LDS Chaplain, Elder Mann, who I had known in the mission field before the war. Elder Mann baptized him in a cold creek and I confirmed him a member of the Church. I don’t remember the boy’s full name, but Everett was part of it. He was our battery medic so we just called him ‘pill roller.’ I was the only Mormon in the whole ouftit and that particular foxhole was the only one containing a Book of Mormon and a serious reader, so I’m sure our coming together was no coincidence. I’ve always hoped that little Mormon girl in Maryland was as happy as I was when her soldier friend joined the Church. I’m sure it was a direct answer to her prayers.” (MSS 2350 no. 256)

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