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Valentine’s Day Customs

When we think about Valentine’s Day, we often think about romantic love. However, it is also a time for families to show their love for each other. Jillisa Cranmer shared this with Laurel Batchelor: The week before Valentine’s Day, well actually on the 1st of February, we would all pull names out of a hat. The person then became our secret pal. During the week we were supposed to do nice things for that person. It was nothing big, just little things like writing notes and leaving them in their hearts, loading the dishwasher, cleaning their room. You know, just little things. On Valentine’s Day we had a party and everyone revealed their secret pals. It really helped everyone feel good about doing things. (FA 14 8.2.111)

Terri Larsen shared the following: Every year on Valentine’s Day we each get something for our family, whether it is a treat like candy or a card. Sometime during the day we put the treat on the doorstep and ring the doorbell. Everyone acts surprised and expresses gratitude. At the end of the day my parents surprise each one of us with a Valentine gift. (FA 14

Suzanne Eatough collected the following from Gaylynn Gurney: Each year for Valentine’s Day the members of her family write a letter to each member telling them what is happening in their life and why they appreciate and love the particular person they are writing to. (FA14

Whether it is acts of service, small gifts, or letters and cards, families find many ways to express their love to one another on Valentine’s Day.

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