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I Kissed the Ground: Creative Invitations

We are in the middle of prom season. For many high school students asking for that big date isn’t as simple as picking up the phone and calling the desired date. No. The story of the invite is treasured as much, if not more, than the actual date. One invitation that has been around for at least 10 years is described by Melinda:

“When I walked in my room there was chocolate kisses all over the floor. Tons of them like four bags, and there was a note on the bed. It was on white paper and hand written. It said this: Melinda, Now that I have kissed the ground that you walked on; will you go with me to Homecoming on Saturday Evening?” (FA 14

Another fun invite was received by Lara. “After going out one night, Lara returned home to her family. It was a little weird because they were all awake in the the family room, waiting for her to come home. She goes into her room and gets ready for bed. Her sister Samantha is in the bathroom as well with her. As Lara goes into the shower area, she notices that there is water in the bathtub. She wasn’t paying much attention and yelled at Samantha for leaving the bath water in the tub. She soon realized that in the water were 30 goldfish, alive and swimming. Along with the goldfish was a laminated puzzle that she had to put together. After about an hour, she put it together and it said, ‘Out of all the fish in the sea, would you go to Homecoming with me?’ It was decorated with fish stickers and it was obvious that he had put some time into this one. In order to answer him back, she got the goldfish crackers and spelled out yes on his bed.” (FA 14

Then there are the near impossible invites. “About two weeks before the dance Dana decided to ask Grant to Senior Ball. Because they had asked each other to so many dances, Dana was running out of ideas. She decided that she didn’t care if it was stupid, she just wanted it to be messy. So she took lots of boxes of Uncle Ben’s rice and dumped them all over his porch and driveway. Dana left one box on the doorstep with a note that said, ‘Uncle Ben wants to know if you will go with me to the dance?’ Each one of the letters of Dana’s name was then written on a piece of rice and he had to dig through those mounds of rice to figure out who had asked him.” (FA 14

The creative invites are fun and generally spark a creative answer which as in the goldfish example may play off the original invite. But that’s a story for another time.

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