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Special Collections authors you’ve probably never heard of

Part 1: Eden Phillpotts

Sunday, Nov. 4 marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of prolific English writer Eden Phillpotts. He wrote novels, plays, essays, short stories, children’s literature, and stage and radio plays. Phillpotts’ most famous books chronicle the county of Devon in England, particularly the Dartmoor region.

Special Collections owns a very interesting collection of Phillpotts’ manuscripts and published works that were collected by Maurice Buxton Forman. Forman was a devoted fan of Phillpotts’ work, and, through a long correspondence, became Phillpotts’ friend as well. Forman collected Phillpotts’ books and the author presented him some of his books and original manuscripts. The manuscripts, along with ephemera that Forman collected, make up the Eden Phillpotts Papers (MSS 1458). Phillpotts’ printed works in Special Collections can of course be found by searching the library catalog.

For more about Phillpotts, check out the archive of the Literary Worlds exhibit.

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