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Simon de Colines

Simon de Colines (d. 1546) is another famous Parisian printer and typographer of the 1500’s. He was actually related to the Estienne family through marriage (he married Henri I Estienne’s widow, thus becoming the stepfather to Robert I, Charles, and François I). Simon ran Henri Estienne’s presses and took over the shop upon Estienne’s death. He managed the family business for six years, ceding it to his stepson Robert in 1526. Colines established a new print shop, where he began printing Latin classics, anti-Lutheran theological writings, and other works by the faculty of the University of Paris. In the course of his career, Colines issued over 750 publications. Special Collections owns over 275 examples of books and pamphlets produced by Colines.

The example shown here is one of Colines’ most lavishly-illustrated books, Jean Milles De Souvigny’s Praxis criminis persequendi (Call number: Vault Collection 094.2 C682 1541 no.10). The book is a treatise on criminal law and describes the various stages of an imaginary murder trial.

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