Early medicine

L. Tom Perry Special Collections doesn’t actively acquire books on medicine, but the History of Science Collection does have several hundred books published before 1800 about medicine, surgery, and human anatomy. Many are in Latin, but you’ll find a good number of titles in English or other European languages.While the information in these books is of course outdated, their images of the human body and bygone procedures and remedies can be incredibly fascinating. The book pictured here is a French translation of an anatomy book by Charles Estienne, printed in 1546. It is bound with several texts by ancient Greek physicians Galen and Hippocrates, which were used by doctors and medical students in Early Modern Europe.

To find these sorts of books, search the library catalog using these subject terms:

  • Medicine – early works to 1800
  • Human anatomy – early works to 1800
  • Surgery – early works to 1800

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