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The Passover Haggadah

haggadahTo mark the beginning of Passover today, we are highlighting Special Collections’ facsimiles of manuscripts of the Haggadah (plural: Haggadot). In Judaism, the Haggadah is the book of prayers, songs and readings for the Seder service celebrating Passover. Manuscripts of the Haggadah from the Middle Ages to modern times survive today. Special Collections owns facsimiles of three manuscript Haggadot – specimens which date from the 1430s, the 1760s (pictured here), and the 1930s; a recent facsimile of the Szyk Haggadah, originally produced by Polish artist Arthur Szyk during the rise of Nazism and anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe, is one of our newest acquisitions.

These facsimiles can be found by searching Special Collections’ holdings in the library catalog for the title “Haggadah.” Other manuscript facsimiles related to Judaism can be found by a genre/forms search using the term “manuscripts, Hebrew.”

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