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Brimhall Essay Contest

Each year the descendants of former Brigham Young University president George H. Brimhall honor the founders of the university by sponsoring the Brimhall Essay Contest. Held in conjunction with the university’s Homecoming celebrations, the contest is designed to introduce students to the individuals who have helped to shape Brigham Young University’s unique institutional character. This year the contest will be honoring individuals associated with the arts at Brigham Young University.

The University Archives contains many collections documenting individuals influential in the arts at Brigham Young University. They include:

  • Franklin S. Harris. Materials about Harris are described here.
  • George Brimhall. Materials about Brimhall are described here.
  • Miriam Nelke. Prominent teachers of the speech arts in Utah before 1920 : their significant theories and the effect of their teachings upon their contemporaries by Carl G. Markworth (378.2 M343 BYU Collection); Autobiography by Miriam Nelke (BX 8608 .A1 no.1040 Americana); Miriam Nelke, 1868-1942 (BX 8608 .A1a no.1180 Americana).
  • Kathryn Bassett Pardoe. Kathryn Pardoe oral history interview, July 2, 1981 (UA OH 132); Family history of T. Earl and Kathryn B. Pardoe (BX 8670.1 .P214p Americana).
  • T. Earl Pardoe. Materials about Pardoe are described here.
  • Franklin Madsen. Biographical sketches of BYU Music Department faculty, undated (UA 305); Suggested objectives and procedures of organizing, maintaining and perpetuation choruses and choirs in the Provo and Utah Stakes by Franklin Madsen (BX 8688 .A1a no.37 Americana); H. Franklin and Florence Jepperson Madsen Collections (UA 571).
  • Florence Jepperson Madsen. H. Franklin and Florence Jepperson Madsen Collections (UA 571); Florence Jepperson Madsen scrapbook, 1963 (MSS 7078); Florence J. Madsen 86th birthday tribute (UA OH 48); With a song in her heart : biography of Dr. Florence Jepperson Madsen by Grace Hildy Croft Christensen (BX 8670.07 .M26c Americana).
  • Conan E. Mathews. Deans’ office files, 1952-1975 (UA 567) finding aid at http://findingaid.lib.byu.edu/viewItem/UA%20567/.
  • Lorin F. Wheelwright. Lorin Farrar Wheelwright papers, 1890-1989 (MSS 3164).
  • Robert Sauer. Robert Sauer musical manuscripts and other material, undated (UA 621); The life and contribution of Robert Sauer by Max Shirts (unfinished MA thesis) (378.2 Sh66 1983 BYU Collection).
  • Crawford Gates. Department of Music records (UA 522); Crawford Gates papers (MSS 7762 Music Archives).
  • Edwin O. Haroldsen. Edwin O. Haroldsen interview (MSS OH 1925).
  • James Mason. Deans’ office records, 1938-1994 (UA 1056).
  • Janie Thompson. Information about Thompson’s papers is available here.
  • Gerritt de Jong, Jr. Information about de Jong is available here.
  • Frank Magleby. A mural depicting the meeting between Father Escalante’s expedition and the Laguna Indians of Utah Valley by Francis R. Magleby (thesis) (378.2 M27 1952 BYU Collection).
  • Leslie Norris. Leslie Norris papers (MSS 2954) finding aid at http://findingaid.lib.byu.edu/viewItem/MSS%202954/.
  • Harold I. Hansen. Harold I. Hansen papers (UA 78) finding aid at http://findingaid.lib.byu.edu/viewItem/UA%2078/; Harold I. Hansen scrapbooks of the Hill Cumorah Pageant, 1971-1973 (MSS 7491); Wallace Barrus photographs of Harold Hansen productions, circa 1961-1972 (MSS 3150); Brigham Young University theatre productions directed by Harold I. Hansen, 1952-1981 (UA 926); Harold I. Hansen photographs, circa 1937-1988 (MSS 3348); Harold I. Hansen papers (MSS 1701) finding aid at http://findingaid.lib.byu.edu/viewItem/MSS%201701/.
  • B.F. Larsen (Bent Franklin). B. F. Larsen Collection (UA 556); B. F. Larsen biographical data (BX 8670.1 .L3291b); B. F. Larsen family papers, 1892-1939 (MSS 4155); Oral reminiscences of Bent F. Larsen (UA OH 110); B. F. Larsen autobiography (BX 8670.1 .L329b Americana).
  • Herald R. Clark. Herald R. Clark correspondence and printed programs (MSS 145) finding aid at http://findingaid.lib.byu.edu/viewItem/MSS%20145/; Herald R. Clark collection of bank records (MSS 253) finding aid at http://findingaid.lib.byu.edu/viewItem/MSS%20253/; Polysophical Society records (UA 226).
  • Owen S. Rich. Information about Rich is available here.
  • If you would like to learn more about the resources available for studying individuals influential in the arts at Brigham Young University, contact the University Archivist at (801) 422-5821 or gordon_daines@byu.edu.

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