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New acquisitions from old Japan

Special Collections has a small but significant collection of rare Japanese materials from the Tokugawa period. Some items are currently on display in the  library’s Guns, Scrolls, and Swords exhibit, and others have been featured in past exhibits as well. On occasion, we have the chance to add to the collection. Here are the most recent acquisitions of the past few years:

條約十一國記 /Jōyaku jūikkokuki [Rare Book Collection AC 901 .A1 no. 4824]

IMG_1043This small book dates from 1867. It gives short descriptions of the United States and a number of European countries, including statistical information and illustrations of the countries’ flags.

武器皕圖 /Buki nihyakuzu [Vault Collection Quarto U 821 .J3 K626 1848]

IMG_1041This book supplements the current exhibit very well with its illustrations of armor, weapons, battle formations, and defenses. It was printed in 1848.

和歌題林抄/Waka dairin shō [Vault Collection PL 728.8115 .W34 1700]

IMG_1038This book of classical Japanese poetry was produced around 1700. The covers feature beautiful landscapes painted in gold ink.

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