Victorian Book of the Month: Introducing the Victoria R.I. Bibliography

The HBLL has recently launched the Victoria R.I. Bibliography database, which lists the original bibliographic descriptions for the core of BYU’s Victorian Collection — over 4,000 books, manuscripts and ephemera purchased in 1969 from San Francisco book dealer David Magee. The entries, along with Magee’s descriptive text, can be found at or by going to the Collections page from the library homepage and selecting the tag “International” in the subject categories.

IMG_1302To highlight the Victoria R.I. Bibliography, November’s Victorian Book of the Month is item number 1 in the bibliography: Gilbert Abbott à Beckett’s The Comic History of England, published in parts in 1846-47. À Beckett was a humorist and playwright. The illustrations are by John Leech, who is probably most familiar to today’s readers as the original illustrator for Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Both à Beckett and Leech were prolific contributors to the popular Victorian humor magazine Punch. Pictured below is Leech’s depiction of Oliver Cromwell and his army dissolving the Long Parliament in 1648.


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