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Josiah A. Scarritt journal

L. Tom Perry Special Collections is pleased to announce the availability of a new digitized collection: Josiah A. Scarritt journal (MSS 3124). The journal dates from 1790-1816 and includes various reflections by the author on his life. Scarritt writes a brief biographical sketch of his life from his birth in 1790 to June 1815, focusing much on his religious experience as a young man and his conversion to Christianity. After this point, the journal is more daily entries for the remainder of 1815 up to July 1816, and include Scarrit’s service as a Methodist preacher, particularly in the city of Conway, New Hampshire.

Josiah Atkins Scarritt was born in Southington (now Wolcott), Connecticut on December 16, 1790, to Nathan and Abagail Scarritt. His family later settled in New Hampshire. Scarritt’s parents were Presbyterian, and at an early age he was taught to revere the Bible and remained a religious man throughout his life. He was converted to Methodism and became a preacher of the faith in around 1815, preaching primarily in and around Conway, New Hampshire. Josiah A. Scarritt died in 1865.

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