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The library’s current Comics & Mormons exhibit features original artwork and published comics and graphic novels from Special Collections’ America Collection.  You may be surprised to learn that graphic novels, comic books, and even anime are hiding in other collections as well!

index-aspxBack in 2010, this blog featured some graphic novel treatments of Herman Meville’s Moby Dick. We’ve acquired several more since then, including versions of the novel illustrated by artists Chabouté, Rod Espinosa, and Penko Gelev. While Melville’s novel is definitely the most frequently adapted book in the Rare Literary Author collections, the Robert Burns, Walt Whitman, and Louisa May Alcott collections also contain graphic novel treatments of those author’s lives and works and the Alcott Collection even features an anime version of Little Women!

You can find these items by searching the library catalog with the genre terms “graphic novels” or “comic books.”

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