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Autograph albums at Brigham Young Academy

Prior to the popularization of school yearbooks, autograph albums were commonly used by students to gather notes and other remembrances from their fellow students at the end of the year. The archives recently received a fine example of an autograph book from Brigham Young Academy created by Ole Ellingson, a student during the 1885-1886 school year.

Among the signatures found in the album are those of faculty members, including principal Karl G. Maeser and later president Benjamin Cluff, Jr.

There are also numerous entries from his classmates, which include comments on life at the Academy and the nature of the instruction.

Other examples of autograph albums in our collections include the Belle Harris autograph album (MSS 153), the Stephen L. Chipman autograph album (MSS 122), and the Richard Roswell Lyman autograph album (MSS 1079 box 1 folder 2).

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