Scary Halloween

Halloween is fun for little children who dress up and go looking for candy whether it is in the neighborhood or trunk and treat at the local church. Pumpkins and candy corn are abundant. But then they get older and want Halloween to be a little spookier. Wilson Folklore Archives has lots of spooky stories in the Supernatural non-Religious Legends. One story that was a song in the 1950s is the teenage girl hitchhiker. It is usually a rainy night and a young girl is hitchhiking on the side of the road. The teens in the car pick her up and ask for her address. When they get there, she is gone and her sweater is folded on the seat. The kids take the sweater up to the door and hand it to the man who informs them that it belonged to his daughter who died several years ago.

Another story focuses on a man who cleans the inside of hearses for a living. One night he is wiping down the hearse when he heard a buzz of voices. It was eerie. He got out of the hearse and it was quiet. Working up his courage, he got inside of the hearse again and there were the voices again. Out he climbed and his hearse cleaning days were over.

There are a variety of spooky stories that take place in cemeteries and haunted houses. If you need a horror story for your Halloween party, Special Collections is the place to go.

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