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Native Souvenirs

When missionaries go to foreign missions, it is not uncommon to pick up some souvenirs that are made in the country. When senior missionaries and mission presidents go they have the ability to purchase more native art.  This material lore, which is not necessarily made by LDS artists, enhances their homes and brings back memories. This is a Ghanaian basket  made by local artists.




This is an altar with a carved depiction of the prophet Mormon made by a local member of the Church in Ghana. A missionary couple requested the piece of art be made for their misson president and his wife.







This artwork was purchased from a local artist and demonstrates the colors and movements of Ghanaian women.



Here are replicas of Ghanaian transportation. The buses are full of people and creatures and the boats are also jammed packed. These wooden pieces came from the market.  It is possible to find representative artwork from many countries and cultures.

The Wilson Folklore Archives have been lacking in representations of material culture. During the course of this year, we will be increasing the number of items in the collection and sharing them with you on the blog.


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