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A new exhibit: Orson Scott Card Illustrated

Orson Scott Card is one of the most successful Latter-day Saint authors of our time. The Harold B. Lee Library’s L. Tom Perry Special Collections houses his literary papers, and collects his published work comprehensively. A new small exhibit from the collections, Orson Scott Card Illustrated, coincides with the 2019 annual Life, the Universe and Everything science fiction convention to be held in Provo later this week.

Best known for science fiction and fantasy, Card has also written extensively in other genres, including drama and poetry.  The publication of the short story “Ender’s Game” in 1977 brought Card national recognition, and his prominence, especially in science fiction publishing, has resulted in frequent appearances on the covers of trade publications such as Locus. Since “Ender’s Game,” Card has branched out and now writes in a number of genres, including contemporary fantasy, thrillers, historical fiction, and biblical novels. Card also writes social commentary, including the column “Uncle Orson Reviews Everything,” usually first published in his hometown newspaper Rhinoceros Times (Greensboro, N.C.) and then published at various sites on the Internet. This social commentary has at times made him a controversial figure.

Book cover art is meant both to catch the buyer’s eye, selling the book, and to capture the book inside the covers, to get at the essence of the content. Some of the most talented book cover artists worldwide have designed best-selling author Card’s books, including those in this exhibit. Have they succeeded in catching your eye as well as getting to the essence of the work? Please come see the exhibit and decide.

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