Home Movie Day

We are very excited in Special Collections to sponsor Utah Home Movie Day 2019 on October 26th from 12 noon – 4 pm in the Wilkinson Student Center, room 3223.

Come stop by ANYTIME during those hours!

Viewing material together as a community is both very informative and very entertaining.  They reveal commonalities that we have across culture and unlock little time machines into the past.

This coincides with the month of October being National Family History Month and the third week in October being National Home Movie Day!

The Center for Home Movies has a wonderful website we invite you to explore.  And we have our own specific website for event information.

This celebration is a chance for people to see theirs and others home movies on the projectors they would have originally.  We have reconditioned and calibrated some 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8 projectors so that they can show film safely.  Old film does sometime shrink, and is not safe for projection on sprocket-driven projectors, so inspection by someone with expertise is absolutely necessary.  In order to facilitate this inspection, we invite you to bring in your film during the week leading up to Home Movie Day to Special Collections.  We will then have time to test and repair your film so that is it ready for projection on Saturday ( or too far gone for projection, but can still be scanned by a sprocketless scanner!).  You can bring things in that day as well, it just helps us to have a head start.

This year we are also entertaining some video formats. We have Hi-8 ready, but let us know your format, and we will work on getting that for the event!

We encourage discussion and narration!  We want to hear about who the people are, and what they are doing and a family story as you share your home movie.  We will have some brief presentations on:

  • How to create media in your home and why this is possibly the most important media in existence
  • How to create access copies of your old home movies to share with others
  • How to save and keep your home movies safe for future generations

Come join us for this wonderfully informal event, a celebration of media, memories, and community!


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