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First Vision exhibit lecture – Dr. Casey Griffiths

We are pleased to announce the next lecture in our series in conjunction with the exhibit on the 200th anniversary of the First Vision:

Title: The First Vision Goes to the Movies

Dr. Casey Griffiths, Brigham Young University faculty, Religious Education

Date and Time: Thursday, February 13, 2020 @ 2pm, HBLL Level 1, Alice Louise Reynolds Auditorium

Abstract: In the 21st Century most people encounter Joseph Smith’s First Vision through the medium of film. How has the First Vision been depicted in film throughout the history of the Church? How did the filmmakers approach the translation of this sacred story from one medium to another? And how has film influenced our perception of Joseph Smith’s grand theophany?

Come join us this Thursday for what will surely be an educational and inspirational opportunity to learn more about the tradition of this seminal event in Church history!

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