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Accessing First Vision exhibit during Special Collections closure

Friends of L. Tom Perry Special Collections:  In order to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19, Special Collections is closing to the public for the time being. This means that the First Vision physical exhibit is no longer accessible.  While this is unfortunate, we realize the need to do so to protect the health of you our patrons and our library staff.

However, do not despair!  You can still experience most of the exhibit virtually by visiting the following website:


Just click on the link above or copy and paste it into your web browser.

Here you can read much of the text and view digital versions of many of the items on display, including Anthony Sweat’s original painting The First Visions and links to the Joseph Smith Papers website for full digital versions and transcriptions of the nine different accounts of The First Vision.

In addition, there are links to videos of each of the lectures that have been held over the last six months in conjunction with this exhibit.  Look for these at the bottom of the website.

We know nothing can replace seeing these artifacts in person. But hopefully this will still allow any and all a chance to learn more about this miraculous event and experience this exhibit in a new and different way.

May you all stay safe, happy, and healthy!

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