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Celebrate National Silent Movie Day with BYU’s Silent Movie Remixes!

When:   September 29, 2021 will mark the first annual National Silent Movie Day. The screening will begin at 7pm.

Where:  BYU Library Auditorium

Who:   We invite the student community as well as the broader community to come celebrate and explore silent films with us!

What Films:

SHOOTIN’ MAD (1918) – “Bronco Billy” Anderson short

EASY STREET (1917) – Charles Chaplin short

HELL’S HINGES (1916) – W. S. Hart Western feature

Movies have never been truly silent, as music was used to dramatic effect virtually from cinema’s inception. However, synchronized sound would not become technologically available until 1927, leaving approximately 30 years for artists to develop a language of storytelling techniques with only moving images.

Join us as we develop a greater appreciation of silent movies and their language.

Restricting the screenings to the silent era, yet opening the aural possibilities, student artists will select music without restriction of era or genre to underscore the on-screen narrative. The juxtaposition of old stories and nontraditional music will creatively result in new connections.

Our goal is to respectfully underscore the emotional impact of the narrative in new and experimental ways. We want to help this artform be accessible to new audiences, and to refresh the artform for current fans. At a minimum these will be enjoyable experiments and a unique experience!

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