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Latter-day Gamers exhibit

If you are coming to campus this week for graduation, stop by Special Collections and visit the Latter-day Gamers exhibit. On display are over 100 games themed on Latter-day Saint culture. As humankind gathered to form societies, games and play followed. Fundamentally, games have been used to teach culture, pass on heritage, and identify one another as part of a community. This impressive collection of games is about the realization of a community of Saints. They were created to teach the gospel and to build relationships by connecting us in faith, play, fun, and learning gospel principles.

While in the exhibit, you will have the chance to: Play a game of Book of Mormon chess from Latter-day Designs. Find the first Latter-day Saint board game created in 1947. Examine one of the most popular games, Settlers of Zarahemla, made in 2002. Watch Joel from The Last of Us video game survey the Salt Lake City landscape and Temple. And learn about the history of Pong while playing Pong, Pong Doubles, Quadrapong, or Pong Sports on the installed arcade cabinet.

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