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New critical works on Romanticism

Here are a few of the new books which have recently arrived in Special Collections for the Robert Burns Collection and the Edward M. Rowe Collection of William Wordsworth: Sharon Alker, et al., eds. Robert Burns and Transatlantic Culture. Ashgate, 2012. Stephen Gill, Wordsworth’s Revisitings. Oxford University Press, 2011. Scott Hess, William Wordsworth and the …

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New acquisitions in British Romanticism

BYU Special Collections’ latest acquisitions for the Robert Burns Collection and the Edward M. Rowe Collection of William Wordsworth include critical works, translations, and books on literature and art inspired by these two poets: Douglas Gifford, ed.  Addressing the Bard: Twelve Contemporary Poets Respond to Robert Burns.  (2009) Cecilia Powell. Savage Grandeur and Noblest Thoughts: …

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A recent addition to the Robert Burns Collection

Janet Little (1759–1813) was a contemporary, and admirer, of poet Robert Burns.  She was a servant in the household of Frances Dunlop of Dunlop, a patron and correspondent of Robert Burns.  In 1789, Little sent Burns some of her poems.  Burns was slow to respond to Little (one critic surmises that Burns might have found …

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New works in the Robert Burns Collection

Since 2009 is the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’s birth, publishers are issuing many new biographies, critical evaluations, and editions of his poems to mark the occasion.  The BYU Burns Collection has received a number of new books on Burns in just the past three months: Biographies and Criticism: Robert Crawford, The Bard: Robert Burns, …

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The Robert Burns Collection in the media

In conjunction with the library’s new exhibit, “Robert Burns and the Poetic Image,” Special Collections’ Robert Burns Collection was recently featured on KBYU-TV’s “BYU Weekly” and KBYU-FM’s “Thinking Aloud”.  Follow the links to view or listen to the programs.

Collecting Robert Burns on his 250th Birthday

January 25th, 2009 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet. Celebrations are currently taking place all over the world, from poetry recital competitions to Burns Suppers to an attempt at setting a world record for the largest toast to the poet. Special Collections’ Robert Burns Collection contains a wide …

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New resources for the literary author collections

BYU actively collects works by and about five British and American literary authors: William Wordsworth, Robert Burns, Herman Melville, Louisa May Alcott, and Walt Whitman. To help researchers better explore the contents of these collections, Special Collections is adding new resources to our website. Each of the pages for the five author collections will soon …

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