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Alumni Association records on prominent deceased alumni

The Brigham Young University Alumni Association (est. 1893) plays an important role in helping maintain connections between alums and the university. In order to accomplish this work the Alumni Association collects information about alumni, including student information sheets with demographic and contact information. For deceased alumni, these records and associated obituaries are transferred to the …

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Personnel change in University Archives

Beginning January 1st, Gordon Daines was transferred from University Archives to serve as the new supervisor of reference services for the L. Tom Perry Special Collections. In his place, Cory Nimer has been appointed as University Archivist. Cory previously worked as a technical services archivist for the department, where he developed significant expertise with university …

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Christmas Greetings from the University Archives

In December 1976 Jeffrey R. Holland, then Commissioner of Church Education, addressed the Religious Instruction faculty of Brigham Young University. The title of his remarks was “Maybe Christmas Doesn’t Come from a Store.” A version of this talk was printed and distributed to faculty members at Brigham Young University in the mid-1980s when Holland was …

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Department of Theatre and Cinematic Arts theatre production slides (UA 1346)

Brigham Young University has a long tradition of excellence in theater. The University Archives is home to a collection that documents this tradition. The Department of Theatre and Cinematic Arts theatre production slides (UA 1346) contains slides, photographs, programs, and information about theatre shows that were put on by Brigham Young University from 1970 to …

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Dan W. Wakefield collection on cougar mascots

In the 1920s Brigham Young University selected the cougar as its mascot. The first mascots were indeed live cougars named Cleo and Tarbo. Live cougars would later be replaced by Cosmo. The University Archives is home to several collections that document the mascots of Brigham Young University. The Dan W. Wakefield collection on cougar mascots …

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Brigham Young University’s Cultural Tradition

One of the goals of the administration of Franklin S. Harris (1921-1945) was to provide students with uniqiue cultural opportunities. This was accomplished with the establishment of the Lyceum Series. Herald R. Clark was tasked with identifying and inviting prominent artists to campus. He quickly established himself as one of the most knowledgeable individuals in …

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Brigham Young University’s professional athletes

Fans of Brigham Young University display their devotion to the university in a variety of ways. Christopher J. J. Thiry chose to display his school spirit by collecting the professional trading cards of former Brigham Young University football and basketball athletes. He donated these trading cards to the University Archives in September 2014. The trading …

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UA 5702 Cecil O. Samuelson scrapbook

Brigham Young University inaugurated Kevin J. Worthen as the thirteenth president of Brigham Young University last month. To honor the outstanding service of his predecessor, Cecil O. Samuelson, the Harold B. Lee Library produced a scrapbook documenting his eleven year tenure. The scrapbook is contained in UA 5702 Cecil O. Samuelson scrapbook. The collection includes …

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Inaugural photographs from BYU’s past

Earlier this month Kevin J. Worthen was inaugurated as Brigham Young University’s 13th president. The University Archives is home to numerous collections that document the storied history of Brigham Young University. Among those collections are photographs documenting inaugurations from the university’s past. Below are a few representative samples of these images: If you would like …

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Brigham Young University inaugurates a new president

Yesterday Kevin J. Worthen was inaugurated as the 13th president of Brigham Young University. He was charged by President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to remember that the course of this university has been set by the Lord and that “things will work out” …

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