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Benjamin Cluff, Jr. and BYU

Benjamin Cluff, Jr. enrolled as a student at Brigham Young Academy in the spring of 1877.  He excelled at his studies and was asked to teach in the Primary Department in the fall of 1877.  This began a nearly thirty year association with the Academy.  His early teaching experience created a deep desire in Cluff …

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Basketball at Brigham Young University

Among the most popular athletic events held on campus are the men’s basketball games in the Marriott Center. In recent years the Marriott Center has gained a fearsome reputation as an extremely difficult place to win. Many people are surprised to discover that basketball began at Brigham Young Academy in 1900 as a women’s sport. …

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University Photographs

President Ernest Wilkinson does push-ups while Cosmo cheers him on. In 1975 as part of the centennial celebrations of Brigham Young University Edwin Butterworth, director of the BYU News Bureau, was asked to create a pictorial history of the university. The result was a wonderful composition of photographs documenting the first one hundred years of …

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