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Brigham Young Academy’s South American Expedition, 1900-1902

The Harold B. Lee Library is currently hosting an exhibit entitled BYU Expeditions of Discovery: the world is our campus in its third floor gallery space. This exhibit examines the numerous expeditions of discovery that have been engaged in by Brigham Young University students and faculty. One of the exhibitions highlighted is the 1900 to …

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Benjamin Cluff diaries digitized

Benjamin Cluff, Jr. served as principal of Brigham Young Academy from 1892 to 1903. He became president of Brigham Young Academy in 1903 when the academy was granted the title of university. His remarkable impact on Brigham Young University can be uncovered through many of the collections held in the University Archives. The University Archives …

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Presidential Photographs collection

Brigham Young University has been guided by twelve men over the course of its existence: Warren N. Dusenberry, 1875-1876 Karl G. Maeser, 1876-1892 Benjamin Cluff, Jr., 1892-1903 George H. Brimhall, 1904-1921 Franklin S. Harris, 1921-1945 Howard S. McDonald, 1945-1949 Ernest L. Wilkinson, 1951-1971 Dallin H. Oaks, 1971-1980 Jeffrey R. Holland, 1980-1989 Rex E. Lee, 1989-1996 …

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Benjamin Cluff, Jr. and BYU

Benjamin Cluff, Jr. enrolled as a student at Brigham Young Academy in the spring of 1877.  He excelled at his studies and was asked to teach in the Primary Department in the fall of 1877.  This began a nearly thirty year association with the Academy.  His early teaching experience created a deep desire in Cluff …

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Delicious Tension: Understanding Brigham Young University

In order to understand Brigham Young University you must first understand the tension that is at the heart of the university’s identity.  This tension revolves around the university’s attempts to integrate academic distinction with spiritual excellence and has been present since the university was founded as Brigham Young Academy in 1875 by Brigham Young, second …

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Presidential Papers

Brigham Young University has been led by twelve charismatic and inspired leaders. Their influence on the university is documented in the records of their administrations. The University Archives is home to the presidential records of all of the university’s presidents excluding those of the current administration. These records provide a detailed look into the history …

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