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Miniature Bibles

What’s the smallest Bible at BYU? Well, it might be a microform version which is about 5 cm square. Over 1200 pages of text are reproduced on a single slide. But if you’re looking for a tiny Bible which might actually be legible without mechanical intervention, Special Collections has several miniature books which contain the …

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Polyglot Bibles

This week’s post highlights a different type of Bible found in Special Collections: the polyglot.  Polyglots present the text of the Bible in multiple languages, side-by-side on the page, in order to facilitate study and scholarship. Special Collections’ earliest example of a polyglot Bible is the “Genoa Psalter” of 1516.  This polyglot presents the text …

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Fine Press Editions of the King James Bible

As a monument of English culture, religion, and literature, the Bible has been a source of inspiration for book artists, typographers, illustrators, and book designers. Because of its size and the varied types of material in the Bible, it also presents artistic and technical challenges in printing and illustrating. Along with early editions of the …

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Special Collections’ Wycliffite Bible manuscript

One of the more unique Bible manuscripts held by Special Collections is this copy of the Wycliffite New Testament.  It is currently on display in the exhibit “The Life and Legacy of the King James Bible.”  Special Collections’ Wycliffite New Testament was copied in a cursive script by a man named Richard Robinson around the …

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Manuscript Bibles in Special Collections

This manuscript Bible, a 13th century Old Testament in Latin, is currently on display in the Library’s exhibit “The Life and Legacy of the King James Bible: Celebrating 400 Years.”  Special Collections owns several other manuscripts which contain the text of the Latin Bible, including an illuminated Old Testament created in 15th century France and …

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The Bible Moralisée

The term “Bible moralisée” (moralized Bible) has been given to a lavish type of picture Bible which was popular during the thirteenth century in Western Europe.  Several illuminated manuscript moralized Bibles have survived to the present, and Special Collections possesses facsimiles of a number of these manuscripts. Moralized Bibles do not contain the full text …

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Celebrating the King James Bible

Special Collections is proud to announce the opening of its newest major exhibit, “The Life and Legacy of the King James Bible,” which celebrates the 400th anniversary of the printing of this monumental work.  The exhibit, located in Special Collections’ first floor gallery, is open during Special Collections’ operating hours.  The library has also created …

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