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James E. Talmage at BYU

In the early 1880s science studies blossomed at Brigham Young Academy under the instruction of James E. Talmage. Talmage had been educated at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and John Hopkins University in Maryland where he had acquired a substantial scientific knowledge and honed his natural curiosity. Talmage taught courses in chemistry, physics, biology, physical geography, …

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Journey to Temple Hill

Brigham Young University is an amazing place. There are very few places where students can study the secular intermingled with the sacred and this is one. The university impacts more than just its students and employees. All of us have been touched by the university in one way or the other. At this Thanksgiving season …

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List of faculty, instructors, and courses offered in 1899 at the Brigham Young Academy

Brigham Young University got its start in 1875 as the Brigham Young Academy. The University Archives has several items that document the history of the Brigham Young Academy. UA 596 is such an item. It is a small information card providing the names of faculty and instructors, and listing the various grades, classes, and degrees …

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Reinhard Maeser papers

Reinhard Maeser, son of Brigham Young Academy principal Karl G. Maeser, was a faculty member at Brigham Young University for many years. The University Archives is home to a collection of papers that documents his life and activities. The Reinhard Maeser papers, 1838-1944 (MSS 1841) contains correspondence, notes, speeches, certificates, poems, and miscellaneous items. The …

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UA 827 Brigham Young University photographs of campus buildings

The Brigham Young University Archives is pleased to announce the availability of a new digital collection: Brigham Young University photographs of campus buildings (UA 827). This collection contains photographs of the numerous buildings that have served students and faculty over the years at Brigham Young Academy and Brigham Young University. The photographs cover the years …

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Warren Dusenberry and Brigham Young University

The educational underpinnings of Brigham Young University were laid in the early 1860s when Wilson and Warren Dusenberry moved to Provo and established the first Dusenberry School. The Dusenberry brothers arrived at crucial time in the cultural formation of early Provo. Territorial leaders were beginning to emphasize the importance of education and citizens in Utah …

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Centennial History Collection

Early in 1972 in preparation for Brigham Young University’s centennial birthday in 1975 a project designed to produce a comprehensive history of the university was initiated.  Former president Ernest L. Wilkinson was asked to head the project team and pulled together a group of capable editors to participate in the project. They compiled extensive research …

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Becoming a University

Brigham Young University is a private university that seeks to develop students of faith, intellect and character who have the skills and the desire to continue learning and to serve others throughout their lives.  It traces its mission to the deed of trust used to establish the Brigham Young Academy in 1875.  Brigham Young founded …

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1000 Views of 100 Years

Brigham Young University has a rich and varied history. We are fortunate that much of that history has been caught in photographs.  As part of the centennial celebrations in 1975 the university commissioned Edwin Butterworth, Jr. to compile a pictorial history of the first one hundred years of Brigham Young University.  These images capture life …

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