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The Old North Building

Beginning in the early 1950s Brigham Young University used a number of temporary buildings to accommodate the increasing student population. These buildings were removed from campus between 1959 and 1963 to make way for the construction of modern buildings designed to meet the needs of the growing campus. This image is of the old North …

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Wilford M. Hess photographs of the construction of the John A. Widtsoe Building

On the south side of the Brigham Young University campus a magnificent new life sciences building is under construction. It will replace the John A. Widtsoe Building on its completion. The Widtsoe Building was completed in 1968 and has served students for over forty years. The Wilford M. Hess photographs of the construction of the …

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Celebrating 100 Years of the Karl G. Maeser Memorial Building

Soon after the death of Karl G. Maeser in 1901, students and alumni began considering ways that they could memorialize their beloved teacher. They eventually decided that a memorial building dedicated to classroom instruction would be appropriate. The original proposal called for the building to be constructed on the southeast corner of lower campus, but …

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UA 827 Brigham Young University photographs of campus buildings

The Brigham Young University Archives is pleased to announce the availability of a new digital collection: Brigham Young University photographs of campus buildings (UA 827). This collection contains photographs of the numerous buildings that have served students and faculty over the years at Brigham Young Academy and Brigham Young University. The photographs cover the years …

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The Stephen L Richards Physical Education Building

Brigham Young University experienced rapid growth in the number of students attending the university in the 1950s and 1960s. This rapid growth combined with an increased interest in physical education to provide acute shortages of teaching space and facilities for physical education instruction. The university’s Board of Trustees recognized the need for more adequate physical …

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Deseret Towers

In late March 2010 Brigham Young University announced that approval had been received to build a new housing development on the land where Deseret Towers had been located. Deseret Towers had been razed beginning in 2006 due to concern over the seismic stability of the buildings and the expense related to upgrading the facilities. The …

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Heber J. Grant Library

From the beginning of his presidential administration Franklin S. Harris campaigned for a library building. He believed that Brigham Young University could never successfully join the ranks of the country’s colleges and universities without a strong library. A library building would be a visible symbol of the university’s commitment to scholarship and learning and it …

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