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Frankenstein turns 200

Mary Shelley’s famous tale of horror, Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, made its first appearance in print on Jan. 1, 1818.  The novel gained notoriety almost immediately as another entry in the wildly popular genre of Gothic fiction, and has stood the test of time as a literary classic and one of the first pieces …

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Limited Editions Club: Highlights for Black History Month

Special Collections has a complete set of books issued by the Limited Editions Club, a publishing venture founded in 1929 to issue selected literary works in finely printed and illustrated editions. Many famous authors, illustrators, and designers of the 20th century worked on producing these books. Some of the most spectacular of the Limited Editions …

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Fine Press Editions of the King James Bible

As a monument of English culture, religion, and literature, the Bible has been a source of inspiration for book artists, typographers, illustrators, and book designers. Because of its size and the varied types of material in the Bible, it also presents artistic and technical challenges in printing and illustrating. Along with early editions of the …

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Bestiaries, medieval to modern

The bestiary was a popular literary genre of the middle ages.  Bestiaries describe animals – both real and imaginary – and provide moral or allegorical interpretations of their characteristics or behaviors. Sometimes the descriptions are accurate, other times, fantastic.  Bestiaries were usually highly illustrated, often with colorful, whimsical depictions of the animals in the text.  …

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