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Early printed dictionaries

Single-language and dual-language dictionaries were just as indispensable to writers and scholars of the Renaissance as they are today, though in the age of online dictionaries and Google Translate it may be harder to appreciate just how revolutionary printed reference books were in the late 15th century. Printing not only sped up the process of …

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A glimpse at early printed college textbooks!

If you were a Renaissance university student, you’d need to write your compositions and give your presentations in Latin. But never fear, you would have had textbooks and other manuals available to help you with grammar and style. Think of these early printed books as the Renaissance equivalent to your copy of Strunk & White. …

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The Nuremberg Chronicle

The Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) is one of the most famous early printed books.  It is a history of the known world written by German humanist Hartmann Schedel, incorporating Biblical, classical, and European traditions.  The Nuremberg Chronicle is a large-scale work: BYU’s copy measures nearly 18 inches tall.  The book is known for its elaborate illustrations, …

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